How does the proofing system work?

There is usually two ways we receive orders.  The first way is the customer knows exactly what they want and gives us all the text and logo’s and knows just where they want everything to be. We still do a proof just to confirm that they’re happy with the design and to see if they want anything modified.

The other way we receive orders is the customer knows the important information such as the text but wants a cool graphic.  We have a lot designs so there’s a good chance that we can come up with something that you would like.  Where you write the text, just add a description of what you would like.  Such as: I have a company named Lion Mattress, we’re having a sales contest, do you have an image of a Lion with a crown on his head?

We don’t have everything and if we don’t have what you want we may have another idea.  We will do whatever we can do come up with something.

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